Ads Manager 2

[xF 2.x-VIP] Ads Manager 2 Alpha 1 preview

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First of all, I want to apologize for having an Alpha version at this point instead of a Beta but I just couldn't finish it for various reasons. :notworthy:

I have decided to release it in Alpha stage because there are customers who are eager to test it out. This version cannot be purchased at the moment and it is not recommended for production. Customers of Ads Manager 1 can download Ads Manager 2 Alpha 1 for testing.

The ad system is functional and works fine from the testing I've done. What remains now is the advertiser functionality which is incomplete at this stage and some other features and functionality in front-end.

A few of the new things in Ads Manager 2

Predefined dynamic positions
  1. Below first thread post
  2. Below last thread post
  3. Below random thread post
  4. Below first unread thread post
  5. Below every 3rd thread post
  6. Below every 5th thread post
  7. Below first conversation message
  8. Below last conversation message
  9. Below random conversation message
  10. Below first unread conversation message
  11. Below every 3rd conversation message
  12. Below every 5th conversation message
  13. Below first profile post
  14. Below last profile post
  15. Below random profile post
  16. Below every 3rd profile post
  17. Below every 5th profile post
  18. Below first search result item
  19. Below last search result item
  20. Below random search result item
  21. Below every 3rd search result item
  22. Below every 5th search result item
  23. Below first tag result item
  24. Below last tag result item
  25. Below random tag result item
  26. Below every 3rd tag result item
  27. Below every 5th tag result item
  28. Below first thread list item
  29. Below last thread list item
  30. Below random thread list item
  31. Below every 3rd thread list item
  32. Below every 5th thread list item
In total there are 96 positions available.

Image banners in text ads
Keyword ads in profile posts (You can set for each keyword ad to apply to threads, conversations, profile posts)
New device criteria options
Device platform: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux
Device browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer

Carousel with custom options to rotate multiple ads

More features to come.

If you have any suggestions or found any bugs, please post them here.
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