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ViP Fasticon - Favicon generator 2018-02-05

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Fasticon – Favicon generator is a script to generate a very fast and easy way of importing favicon into your website. Its use is easy, you care about the image you want to turn into an icon, enter the url of the site where you want to insert the icon and create it.

Fasticon installs in just 10 min. It is designed for everyone, even for less experienced ones, its installation is very simple and fast! Our staff is at your disposal if you need it, just send an email.Features
  1. Create tool to create Favicon
  2. Ready for advertising
  3. Show the latest favicon generated
  4. The user can decide whether or not to make his favicon public
  5. You can save or download the favicon directly
  6. Drag and Drop file
  7. ...and so on.
Administrative Area

  1. Manage your account (email and password).
  2. With a click you can disable or enable favicons.
  3. You can delete the created favicon.
  4. See also all details, such as url, icon, and ip address.
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