Guzzle6 for XenForo 2

[xF 2.0-FREE] Guzzle6 for XenForo 2 1.3.0

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  • update for XF 2.0.3 - no longer need to modify XF\BbCode\ProcessorAction\AutoLink::fetchUrlHtml - but instead need to update new XF\Http\Reader::getCharset function
  • update for XF 2.0.3 - new code in XF\Payment\Stripe
  • update for XF 2.0.5 - no longer need to adjust Stripe class
  • update for XFMG 2.0.3 - no longer need to extend functionality of XFMG\EmbedData\BaseData\getTitleAndDescription
  • update for XFMG 2.0.3 - no longer need to extend functionality of XFMG\EmbedData\YouTube\getTitleAndDescription or XFMG\EmbedData\Imgur\getTitleAndDescription
From v1.1.1 (2018-02-02):
  • updates for XF 2.0.2 - XF\Http\Reader ... disable new initListeners functionality since Guzzle6 uses middleware instead of listeners
From v1.2.0 (2018-02-03):
  • Support for Media Gallery using Guzzle 6
  • Added tests for Media Gallery
  • (from 1.1.0) added support for XenForo Elastic Search addon
  • (from 1.0.6) bug fix: typo in if statement
  • (from 1.0.6) move to develop/release branches - no _output in release and no _data in develop
  • (from 1.0.5) vendor/composer/autoload_files.php is only created when required, so don't log an error if the file doesn't exist
  • (from 1.0.5) use build.json to automatically run composer install with --no-dev and --optimize-autoloader flags set to get us a clean build of dependencies for production deployment
  • bugfix: need to use XF\ConnectedAccount\Http\HttpResponseException
  • updates for XF 2.0.1 - XF\Service\AddOn\JsMinifier::request
  • updates for XF 2.0.1 - XF\Service\ImageProxy::fetchImageDataFromUrl
  • fixes for XF\ConnectedAccount\Http\Client::retrieveResponse - Sending application/x-www-form-urlencoded POST requests requires that you specify the POST fields as an array in the form_params request options (also PUT)
  • test routine for Connected Account Client
  • change to using \GuzzleHttp\json_decode wrapper rather than native function
  • bugfix: missing use statements in Guzzle6\XF\Payment\PayPal; Guzzle6\XF\Payment\Stripe and Guzzle6\XF\Payment\TwoCheckout