Karenderia Mobile App

ViP Karenderia Mobile App 2.2

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Karenderia Mobile App is a customer ordering version for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System.

Note: You will need to purchase the Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System in order to use this mobile application, as all the restaurant data relies on KMRS..

Karenderia mobile app connects to KRMS via json api calls just simply install the modules for the api and settings and your all done.
its comes with very easy steps by steps procedure on how to install the api & settings modules.

tutorial on how to create google api key for kmrs

tutorial setting up your config xml part 1

tutorial facebook setup for karenderia mobile app

tutorial compiling app using build phonegap

tutorial config xml

Backend Settings
Username: admin
Password : admin

Download android APK File click here
Watch Karenderia mobile app in action click here

Test paypal using below account
User/Email : [email protected]
Password : testtest


User/Email : [email protected]
Password : Buyertestaccount
  • Easy to search for restaurant
  • Filter restaurant by cuisine or by services
  • Auto detects location address
  • Multiple addons for food item
  • Multiple size and price for food item
  • Ingredients selections for food item
  • Cooking reference
  • Real time order status
  • Easy to re-order previous ordered food item
Payment Gateway

  • Cash on delivery
  • Paypal
  • Pay using credit cards on debit cards
Book a table

  • Easy booking table
  • Receive updates on your booking status
Restaurant Review

  • Add your own reviews to a restaurant
Android Push Notification

  • Customer can receive push notification about the status of their order
but the problem is the github version for android is not working well like the drag is not working they haven’t yet fixed it so you need to use the npm version when compiling to android

Important: when there is new update please run the update DB Tables.
simple by going to mobileapp modules backend and click on Update Db Tables
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