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Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
This is a very simple add-on that allows you to offer your users a gallery of pre-selected avatars to use. After installing this add-on, uploading your gallery avatars, and enabling the Avatar Gallery in your XenForo options, users will be presented with a gallery of images to choose from in the avatar modal.

  1. Upload the contents of the zip file to your server
  2. Install the add-on from the XenForo control panel
  3. Upload your gallery avatars to data/gallery_avatars. If you would like your avatars to be categorized, simply create directories inside gallery_avatars/ and place the images in these directories. The names of these directories will be used as your category names on the front-end.
  4. Enable the Avatar Gallery in the XenForo options
  • Will this work with an external data directory (IE S3)?
    This has not been tested, but it should work fine if your gallery_avatars directory is located externally.

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