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  1. J0ker

    [xF 2.0-FREE] Member online as Avatar by xenbros 2.0.0

    Member online as Avatar will change the text of member online widget users username with their avatar. screenshot - > Setting - > Features - > you can turn it off without disable it you can select the size of avatar to show in member online If you like please make a review :)
  2. J0ker

    [xF 2.0-FREE] xenForo 2 Online Users Avatar 1.0

    I have prepared for xenForo 2.0.x versions online users list section avatar. This plugin has the option to be enabled or disabled via the Management panel. Install; xFDestek-xFDcavavatarli-1.0.0 Remove the Alpha.zip file from your computer. Zip password: xFDestek.com. (Try writing manually if...
  3. SubZero

    [xF 2.x-VIP] 🔥 [Foro.Agency] Profile Customization (profile banner, custom tab...) 1.3.0

    This addon allows your members to customize their own profiles with various options. You can manage through a unique permission which member can customize his profile or not. Current customization options Select avatar display type Add a banner to profile Ability to create a custom tab in...
  4. J0ker

    [xF 2.0-FREE] Alpha Avatar 2.0.0

    This add-on sets the avatar of offline/invisible users in posts and conversations to a transparency level you set in Style properties. NOTE: There is no guarantee that this will work with other add-ons that might change the avatar for users.
  5. 4ever

    [xF 2.x-VIP] [XenConcept] Thread Icon 2.0.5

    Feature Summary : Usergroup permissions Edit Own Thread Icon Edit Any Thread Icon Three Thread icon position Replace avatar Before title After title Edit - Delete icon Size icon (width/height) Individual options for each forum Replace Avatar Before Title After Title